You won’t leave me, will you?

I would really die. I’m terrified. If anything happens to you I will make sure my suffering never ends. I’ll take all of the evil with me. I’ll never live a moment without pain. Only immeasurable agony would do. That’s what I’d deserve. I’m already having a hard time trying to make sure I make […]

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Teaching by example

This blog is the beginning of my attempt to do so. I’m going to spread throughout the internet and into the world. Dissemination and change requires no power or influence. Just absolute honesty and goodness. I will teach on an individual basis or rather the automaton you have of me, and my words will. I […]

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Communication (part 3)

If a fragment can appear anywhere in a causal chain then does that mean that communication between closed systems is possible? But, that doesn’t make sense for one obvious reason. Causal “chain” implies there’s a link between events that are causally connected. But, then why is there a chain? Sequence is sensible. We make sense […]

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What do we feel through the senses? All we do is move. The only tool we have is Thought. What we perceive is reality. Reality is composed of facts. A fact is a fragment. Our brains have evolved to predict outcomes. So, all we can do is move or actualize time. What is time?

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What do you think a causal chain implies? The fact that if one were to see the whole of it, they’d see what fragment will appear at what point in time. My concept of time is accurate. Time and movement are one and the same. By movement I mean jumping from one fragment to another. […]

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Cooperation is needed to make Mechanism seamless. Perfection doesn’t exist which is why it is achievable. It will be achievable until it isn’t which is never because life never ends. You haven’t made the calculation I have. It took me 14 years. Don’t get in my way unless you need to do it. If you […]

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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness “moves” through space and time. What we perceive is a fixed point. A point is dimensionless. All that’s perceptible is a fixed point. All of Thought is a fixed point. What is a Conscious being? Being? Consciousness is a function. Utilitarian. Movement is Consciousness. What moves? A being? Why is there a fixed point? […]

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Understanding vs Embodiment

Understanding happens momentarily. It is an activity of the explicit memory or Conscious mind. Whereas Complete knowledge is embodied. It is uncovered only in interactions between two or more persons. So, a person who has Complete knowledge or a thorough understanding of Thought has to be subjected to information. This has to be done in […]

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The Genius of Newton

Isaac derived laws from reality directly through his senses. His perception was incredibly attuned to minutest of fluctuations in reality. He was extremely sensitive to reality. I’ll be doing the same. What would it be like to derive formulas, equations and laws directly through psychology? He focused his intellect on the external. I’ll be focusing […]

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Solutions to the problems of psyche

Truly all-encompassing solutions to the ultimate problems with varying degrees of complexity and seemingly random nature take time, unfortunately. This makes my behavioral pattern resemble a sphere of jumbled up psychological objects like emotions, inconsistencies and other eccentricities until everything collapses to a point making mind invisible which is to say without interference from Thought. […]

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