indifferent towards art. It doesn’t affect me one way or another. I’ve been trying desperately to feel something for the past few days. I couldn’t do it. All I do is suffer. That said, I don’t want you to suffer. You’re most treasured. The thought of you should be enough to help me get through […]

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No one understands absolute uncertainty. Please, bitch. This is not your revered skepticism. Every single decision I make is like a betrayal of my own morality because I am making a choice despite being uncertain of everything. I can only choose one thing at a time among quadrillion of possibilities. Every single decision I make […]

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Do you feel it? Are you feeling it now? Have you been feeling it all your life? In everything from learning to communicating with people? Ask yourself why this has been so. Shouldn’t communication be instantaneous between two persons? Anything and everything that ever happens in Consciousness, does so spontaneously. All the activities of the […]

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