You won’t leave me, will you?

I would really die. I’m terrified. If anything happens to you I will make sure my suffering never ends. I’ll take all of the evil with me. I’ll never live a moment without pain. Only immeasurable agony would do. That’s what I’d deserve. I’m already having a hard time trying to make sure I make […]

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My only request

Please, leave me to my work. Please, don’t bring me back into the cultural fold. I absolutely despise the world and it’s machinations in how they function. Do not ask me to play the survival game. I have to break the rules in order to fix everything.

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Do you know why the cycle has continued for tens of thousands of years? I’ve seen many a stupid fuck like you in the past few decades. In fact, I didn’t have to but I did. I don’t need to ever again. I seriously need to catch a break. Do my words betray a psychological […]

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No help required.

I absolutely need no help from anyone to learn anything ever again. I haven’t been making these weird claims because I am delusional. I don’t understand what the crap is going on in my psychology but I feel no effort expended on my part to learn anything given that I follow the causal chain of […]

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Goddammit I can’t resist the fight. People are still trying to do the right thing. They’re trying to do good. I have to be honest. I have been avoiding every single video, book, lecture, debate, speech, etc. for years. I only listen to music. I haven’t and don’t do anything else. This is deliberate. I […]

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Edge of insanity

What is that feeling where it feels like you’re floating in the aether with regards to the extremes of your intellectual capacity? It’s like parallel processing but worse because it’s one step or several further. You feel like you’re doing guesswork except that all your guesses are right. That’s what I feel like when I […]

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I’m honestly not concerned about the methods of. I’m aiming to grasp the underlying psychology. How a person has the remarkable ability to calculate interests me more than what’s being achieved. Although, that is privy to careful scrutiny as well. I need to understand the mechanics inside out. It may seem to be that I’m […]

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I take risks for the sake of being creative. So, I pursue creativity for it’s own sake. I can’t say what kind of risks they are because that would give away the whole game. I don’t mean this in the way of keeping secrets but only to protect others from the consequences of my risk-taking. […]

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Quantum Mechanics

I have certain intuition about the subject which I can’t pursue yet. I am playing tetris with my memory. It will all unfold as it’s supposed to. Time is not of the essence as I’ve come to find out. I’m aware of every single interaction I have faced. My inaction is an extreme test of […]

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An apology to Elon

It’s going to be a 5 year long apology. Anything I discover, you’ll know about. And so will everyone else. You’re doing something that’s always been my dream pursuit. Aerospace Engineering. I will boost you up when the time is right. I am without knowledge now. Helping your cause is going to be a 5 […]

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