Demonstrably ignorant

What passes for an intellectual: Well, we’re probably blithering idiots compared to super intelligent beings. Also the same people on encountering a super intelligence: We’ve seen this shit before! Smh Oh, the irony and the lack of humility.

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All this talk

About resisting evil and fighting back is just that. A talk. It is unnatural just like the kindness you practice. It will turn you into a fucking grasshopper! No one understands psyche like I do. Don’t get in my way.

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For Alex. All facades dropped.

Can you lighten up a little? You’re making me gruesome too. All I wanted initially for you which later on became a need was to set you free. I use “was” in the sense that everything I tried to communicate was goodness and innocence which was in a way painfully put to the test since […]

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I solved it.

A couple nights ago, I found the solution for The Problem. It’s in my being. I need to realize it. I forgot how I got there. This is the case with everything I do. I don’t remember a darn thing. Memory is only perfect when you aren’t aware of how or when it operates. That […]

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I have the scary feeling that reality warps outside of my awareness. I feel that it changes in ways I can’t comprehend nor be able to tell the difference. So rather than many worlds interpretation I feel causality allows for modification of reality. Indeed it is true, isn’t it? Reality changes right in front of […]

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indifferent towards art. It doesn’t affect me one way or another. I’ve been trying desperately to feel something for the past few days. I couldn’t do it. All I do is suffer. That said, I don’t want you to suffer. You’re most treasured. The thought of you should be enough to help me get through […]

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