My mind works

Radically differently than anyone else’s. It took me a lifetime of effort to get here. Please, respect that fact and let me do my work in solitude.

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The only reason

people say things like “You ought to be grateful!” or use deterrence by way of telling you how you aren’t aware of how lucky you are, are the ones that have never taken initiative in their lives. These people are soul-dead consumers. They let life happen to them. Autonomy and youth is wasted on these […]

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I aim to fix human error.

My pursuit is driven by necessity, purely. I have resolved all my psychological issues. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I am my ideal self. But, I can put my mind in order anytime I prefer. All-encompassing solutions require the biggest trapping net to filter out the abstract to find errors in universal scale. It’s a […]

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Every time a

Bigger picture is evoked, stop right there at the first frame. Don’t pursue and flesh out the details. This will build an all-encompassing blueprint of Thought for future reference. The less and more effectively the memories are used, the more deeper your reach for the abstract will be.

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