I just removed

Four fragments from my causal chain! I don’t know how i did it. I was sleeping. It felt so good like a thorn being removed from under my foot. It wasn’t unlearned or dissolved. It was pulled out of it’s place and now they’re missing! I would like to remember how I did it. Also, […]

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Watch out for one who unnecessarily avoids conflict. I don’t mean conflict initiated but that one finds himself with whilst expressing genuinely. It’s honest. But, if the other/s avoid it then they’re reacting and not intelligent or well-intentioned. This could be out of genuine fear which can be dissolved and is honest if done so […]

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If you disagree with someone sometimes you let them know and have a discussion. This is most honest and clean. Some other times, you keep it to yourself but you act on it in some way other than having a discussion. Yet other times, you keep it to yourself but never act on it. So, […]

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How to spot dishonesty?

Watch the person who uses scare tactics. He’s more afraid than the person who genuinely expresses fear. Sharpen your intellect. This is another and more efficient and effective way to spot them. Better yet, some people get it and most don’t. Or it could be worse. I don’t read minds yet. I don’t know if […]

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Unbinding for others (Edited)

People don’t like it. It collapses the structure. They do damage control. It feels awful, I agree. But, this is due to the confusion in differentiating between the pain that doesn’t go away when you let go and accept to the pain that hits like a ton of bricks and is overwhelming. You won’t get […]

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I don’t like reality.

Everything moves all the time. I feel the stirring in space. It disturbs my coherence. I like fluid movements. They’re invisible. [Edit: Or are they? I’m no longer sure. Movement is a thing of the past. We need something new and hip. Something for the cool kids.] Also, I don’t like structures or symmetry or […]

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