Ending of knowledge

When all is said and done, when all is analyzed and scrutinized, there is still the problem of movement. Move in any direction and you acquire knowledge. To end knowledge, movement has to stop. I don’t know anyone else besides me who has felt this in recent times. I see ever more accurate descriptions of […]

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I’ll never be in a relationship of any kind but not for lack of trying. It was an erroneous process which made my mind foggy. But, now that I think of it, it was a step towards freedom that I couldn’t establish any relationship with anyone. My ideal is to have no sort of relationship […]

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A few musings for your pleasure

Here are some comments from the discussion section of my YouTube channel. I’ll post them in sequence. Enjoy! {1.) The ideal isn’t to become cold, calculating and emotionless in order to be high functioning. The ideal is to perfect your emotion. 2.) Emotion is such a powerful tool. It may even be the most powerful […]

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Dissolving eccentricities and constructs alike in pursuit of clarity.

Not all that’s typed is right. Not all that’s “right”, where typed words are concerned are necessarily continuous or even fragmentary. What’s right is in the realm of morality. Morality is neither subjective nor objective. It’s neither continuous nor fragmentary. It cannot be partitioned. It’s not descriptive and thus not prescriptive. Morality is an act […]

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I am grateful to you, doctor. I thought no one out there understood what I was going through even though I knew that’s not true. Now, I feel much better than I did just two weeks ago. I now have the strength to make it in my life. Your genuineness and vulnerability and perseverance has […]