I’m getting it done so that I don’t leave behind unfinished business. Everything will be fixed as promised. And in return the world doesn’t owe me anything at all. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be someone different. I have no words of wisdom for anyone who comes after me that will be […]

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Good job, humans!

The culture that you depend on is what’s keeping you enslaved and dumbed down. It brings the unique into it’s fold to nullify it for it’s own survival. A true hive mind if there ever was one. Keep patting yourselves on the back.

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If you let me

I will guide you all the way, a-all the wayyyyy! You know how going all the way is such a lonely and miserable thing to do? I will guide you all every step of the way so that it isn’t so. Do you trust me? This is the reason I’m laying it all out on […]

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You won’t leave me, will you?

I would really die. I’m terrified. If anything happens to you I will make sure my suffering never ends. I’ll take all of the evil with me. I’ll never live a moment without pain. Only immeasurable agony would do. That’s what I’d deserve. I’m already having a hard time trying to make sure I make […]

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Perfect memory

Not eidetic or photographic but absolutely perfect. Getting there is a lot of work without repetition. I’m in no hurry. There’s no space to rush things when you’re already completely occupied. I intend to be absolutely unoccupied. Perfect memory means never having to exercise it. Thus, there’s no explicit memory whatsoever. Memory is utility. It’s […]

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Teaching by example

This blog is the beginning of my attempt to do so. I’m going to spread throughout the internet and into the world. Dissemination and change requires no power or influence. Just absolute honesty and goodness. I will teach on an individual basis or rather the automaton you have of me, and my words will. I […]

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Cooperation is needed to make Mechanism seamless. Perfection doesn’t exist which is why it is achievable. It will be achievable until it isn’t which is never because life never ends. You haven’t made the calculation I have. It took me 14 years. Don’t get in my way unless you need to do it. If you […]

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No help required.

I absolutely need no help from anyone to learn anything ever again. I haven’t been making these weird claims because I am delusional. I don’t understand what the crap is going on in my psychology but I feel no effort expended on my part to learn anything given that I follow the causal chain of […]

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No matter what I do or say you’ll add it to your experiencing structure as information. I cannot show you what can’t be shown much less said. I REPEAT: NO COMMUNICATION IS POSSIBLE. I am in a special kind of hell. Forever doomed to be alone. This is futile. I mean all of what I […]

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Good and Evil Revisited

Goodness is creative whereas evil is mechanistic. Goodness is morality whereas evil is Mechanism (all of it). Goodness is freeing whereas evil binds. Where there’s goodness, life thrives. Where there’s evil, power emerges. All life will be good once freed from Mechanism. Why are you afraid? There’s absolutely no reason to fear. Only goodness can […]

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