I deleted everything I had.

All of the data I had, I deleted you know? I tried to let it all go and retire. What brought me back was responsibility. I saw what was happening. I see the direction world is heading towards. I have to radically alter or derail, recreate future by the books. It’s a numbers game but […]

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That was waaaay off!

Even gibberish is somehow possible to translate into pure description. I don’t believe in the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. I believe there is only one true possibility. There’s nothing else to consider. BUT, I also believe the future has already happened before and the past will happen again. This doesn’t mean there are […]

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Boundary of Thought (Edited)

Tracing or outlining the boundary of Thought requires a thorough visualization of the structure. I’m close. I remember saying once that I got a glimpse of the entire structure and couldn’t grasp it before it slipped away from my Consciousness. Now, it’s getting clear. I have a representation of Thought which is dimension trapped within […]

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Let me tell you how untrained your mind is. You perceive reality as factual because you’ve fragmented everything into what you call thoughts. Any genuine feelings you have are intermingled with these facts and thus you’re constantly in a confused state of existence. I can’t ask you to jump off the wagon into uncertainty. I […]

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I’m not uncertain with regards to value. I value life. Value like morality is a thing of creativity. What does it mean for something to be of value? When we say it’s inherent we mean it’s something absolute. So, you see? It can’t be subject to the objective or subjective paradigm or duality. If value […]

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Absolute Clarity of Mind

Why don’t more people pursue this? They are susceptible to thinking that absence of a mind or nirvana or enlightenment, whatever you people have named it, is just one more thing out there which has no bearing on important issues or intellectual capacity. It’s just eastern mysticism, right? To most “intellectuals”, it’s a matter of […]

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I don’t have an intellectual equal so I am unable to communicate. I can’t describe, much less explain how complex I used to be. I had to simplify the complexity. Now, I sift through existence to make the Mechanism seamless. Trust me and be truly humble and maybe I might be able to communicate and […]

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Complete Knowledge

https://superspock.in/2020/09/22/unfinished-thoughts-from-about-a-month-ago-will-hopefully-edit-and-complete-at-some-point-in-the-future/ Referring to the post above, I would go one step further and say we’re gonna find a pure description but to do that we need the help of Consciousness. We can make leaps in technology and understanding that doesn’t have to be incremental. Consciousness can appear into the sandbox of Thought at any point […]

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