I don’t like

Standup comedies. I don’t like parties. I like peace and quiet. I hate crowds. Next time I get into a crowd I’m gonna start throwing punches. Fuck you! I’m not interested in any sort of exchange. Leave me the fuck alone, cowards!

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The way my questions are answered

is unconsciously for the most part. I cannot say anything absolute regarding my mental machinations because I’m always uncertain. But, I am increasingly frequently stumbling upon answers to questions I asked myself at times past like it was always there in plain sight. I am finding that it’s almost always this way. These were the […]

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You with your pristine health

And perfect hairdo are telling me I haven’t suffered enough and need to suffer more? Why should I die for someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about my wellbeing? Does having a genius level intellect immediately mean I should be extremely servile to your silly whims? I don’t deserve a life and to be […]

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I just realized something.

It never gets easy. I can never settle into and accept shortcuts of psychology. It is what the rest of the world does. I can’t do it because it’s devastating to the wellbeing of others. If I take shortcuts or assert or take a positive step, or in other words “compete” then I’ll destroy the […]

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For Alex. All facades dropped.

Can you lighten up a little? You’re making me gruesome too. All I wanted initially for you which later on became a need was to set you free. I use “was” in the sense that everything I tried to communicate was goodness and innocence which was in a way painfully put to the test since […]

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