Language (Edited)

What are the sounds of a language? What is it supposed to sound like? How does sound feel? Or rather what does sound make one feel? What is feeling it? What makes sound? What is sound? Why do we communicate through sound or vibrations? What do we communicate? Can one think without sound? Can’t you […]

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Absolute isn’t objective.

What’s objective is also methodical. Methods are constructs of Thought. Absolute is unchanging. Methods rely on causation. Now, you might say causality is absolute but it’s not unchanging. We perceive it as a concept but it doesn’t exist at all except in the abstract. Is causality a percept? Do we feel or sense it? No. […]

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Why is it so taxing to repeat it backwards? What is the psychology behind it? How does one do it just as easily as doing it forwards? I think I have around 110 posts now. I didn’t count. I’m trying to grasp what it would be like to not have to expend any effort into […]

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Attunement (Edited)

I attuned my senses to reality until I stopped feeling. It’s so far away from possibility now. I cannot feel much anymore. I rarely feel although I’m a being of pure feeling. There’s nothing left to feel. I somehow became all about feeling while simultaneously losing my ability to feel profoundly. What you see is […]

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Numbers Again

The higher the order of calculation the more difficult it is to find patterns. They are far apart and not easy to grasp much less figure out. I will spend a couple of months trying to figure them out. If it is as difficult as I think it is then I’ll spend a year or […]

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Uploading Consciousness

is impossible. Because there is nothing to embody in an inorganic structure. What will the Consciousness inhabit? How will the atoms in the machine feel? Yes, we can use prosthetics and simulate feeling but that relies on our CNS AND PNS. Without these there is no feeling much less Consciousness.

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Understanding Metabolism

This is one of my main goals which is that I’m gonna understand all of human metabolism. I’m not gonna map it out until the complete knowledge is assigned to memory. I need to fill in the blanks. And link all the trillions of different variables to each other. This is my most ambitious goal […]

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A post about Numbers

I have been dealing with numbers for a while now. Until recently, I kept it aside thinking it will be a fruitless task to try and figure out numbers. But, I’ve been feeling something during my observations that kind of stood out. I am starting to feel numerical patterns. These are the rules of arithmetic […]

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