The only reason

people say things like “You ought to be grateful!” or use deterrence by way of telling you how you aren’t aware of how lucky you are, are the ones that have never taken initiative in their lives. These people are soul-dead consumers. They let life happen to them. Autonomy and youth is wasted on these […]

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It feels like

everyone has betrayed me to the point where I don’t feel anything anymore. Love hurt me. Friendship hurt me. Strangers hurt me. All I know is hurt. I want to be left alone. I don’t feel any excitement anymore. Nothing excites me. Absolutely nothing. Oh, love? It’s a funny four letter word. I’m done. Please, […]

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I realize what’s happening.

I’m playing the game unwittingly and unwillingly. Every time I type or speak to warn or deter that’s what I’m doing. I enter the causal chain to change the course of happenings. Every time I disseminate knowledge, it’s the same thing all over again. How does one stop the movement? The emergence of mind is […]

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Where you begin with your metaphysics matters the most. Whatever fragment you begin with will limit you to the sandbox between that fragment and the mechanical endpoint of it, itself being a fragment. If you begin with the source then there are no limitations. No one has done this as far as I know. I […]

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Freedom of choice

Is an oxymoron and anyone who believes in the functionality of the concept as proof of free will is certainly a moron. Either we are free or we have choice. Choice only allows for mobility in culture or what we already know, the options we have. When has it ever created anything new? Can you […]

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