You won’t leave me, will you?

I would really die. I’m terrified. If anything happens to you I will make sure my suffering never ends. I’ll take all of the evil with me. I’ll never live a moment without pain. Only immeasurable agony would do. That’s what I’d deserve. I’m already having a hard time trying to make sure I make […]

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I dearly love you, Alex! Please, don’t hurt me. Please, be safe. You’re my heart, okay? I’d die for you.

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My only request

Please, leave me to my work. Please, don’t bring me back into the cultural fold. I absolutely despise the world and it’s machinations in how they function. Do not ask me to play the survival game. I have to break the rules in order to fix everything.

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Perfect memory

Not eidetic or photographic but absolutely perfect. Getting there is a lot of work without repetition. I’m in no hurry. There’s no space to rush things when you’re already completely occupied. I intend to be absolutely unoccupied. Perfect memory means never having to exercise it. Thus, there’s no explicit memory whatsoever. Memory is utility. It’s […]

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Teaching by example

This blog is the beginning of my attempt to do so. I’m going to spread throughout the internet and into the world. Dissemination and change requires no power or influence. Just absolute honesty and goodness. I will teach on an individual basis or rather the automaton you have of me, and my words will. I […]

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No matter what I do or say you’ll add it to your experiencing structure as information. I cannot show you what can’t be shown much less said. I REPEAT: NO COMMUNICATION IS POSSIBLE. I am in a special kind of hell. Forever doomed to be alone. This is futile. I mean all of what I […]

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A man of no faith

I try everyday but I can’t seem to acquire faith in humanity. I only have faith in goodness or at least I used to. I really don’t know. I can’t feel it anymore. I mean goodness. All I feel is plaguing sense of doubt and lack of trust. I feel disappointed. I feel like I […]

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I am still unable to appreciate your sacrifices and efforts in keeping me safe and securing my future. I have failed miserably to comprehend the depths of love in others. I always feel like I’m the only one who would go to such lengths. I never understood why others might too. My faith is renewed? […]

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Do you feel it? Are you feeling it now? Have you been feeling it all your life? In everything from learning to communicating with people? Ask yourself why this has been so. Shouldn’t communication be instantaneous between two persons? Anything and everything that ever happens in Consciousness, does so spontaneously. All the activities of the […]

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I’m not hiding or evading some kind of truth about reality out of fear or otherwise. What I am doing is fighting against culture. There very well may be danger. There very well may be lives at stake. But, the concern of humanity doesn’t come from a place of individuality-driven respect and reverence for life. […]

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