My only hope is Alfie.

But, either way I can’t let go of my pursuit. If it comes to choosing between the two, it’d always be work. I don’t NEED love. I just want it. As long as I have my work I don’t need anything more. Whatever allows me to work in peace is all I need. Love does […]

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I don’t like

Standup comedies. I don’t like parties. I like peace and quiet. I hate crowds. Next time I get into a crowd I’m gonna start throwing punches. Fuck you! I’m not interested in any sort of exchange. Leave me the fuck alone, cowards!

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The prospects of doing

serious intellectual work is the reason I’m avoiding learning a foreign language. What languages I already know is a curse and what I don’t know is a blessing. I’m trying to unlearn all I know and think of. In the process of doing that I’ll uncover Mechanism fully or I’ll miserably fail and I’m just […]

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For Alex. All facades dropped.

Can you lighten up a little? You’re making me gruesome too. All I wanted initially for you which later on became a need was to set you free. I use “was” in the sense that everything I tried to communicate was goodness and innocence which was in a way painfully put to the test since […]

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indifferent towards art. It doesn’t affect me one way or another. I’ve been trying desperately to feel something for the past few days. I couldn’t do it. All I do is suffer. That said, I don’t want you to suffer. You’re most treasured. The thought of you should be enough to help me get through […]

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Teaching by example

This blog is the beginning of my attempt to do so. I’m going to spread throughout the internet and into the world. Dissemination and change requires no power or influence. Just absolute honesty and goodness. I will teach on an individual basis or rather the automaton you have of me, and my words will. I […]

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Do you feel it? Are you feeling it now? Have you been feeling it all your life? In everything from learning to communicating with people? Ask yourself why this has been so. Shouldn’t communication be instantaneous between two persons? Anything and everything that ever happens in Consciousness, does so spontaneously. All the activities of the […]

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I’m not hiding or evading some kind of truth about reality out of fear or otherwise. What I am doing is fighting against culture. There very well may be danger. There very well may be lives at stake. But, the concern of humanity doesn’t come from a place of individuality-driven respect and reverence for life. […]

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