You with your pristine health

And perfect hairdo are telling me I haven’t suffered enough and need to suffer more? Why should I die for someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about my wellbeing? Does having a genius level intellect immediately mean I should be extremely servile to your silly whims? I don’t deserve a life and to be […]

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No one understands absolute uncertainty. Please, bitch. This is not your revered skepticism. Every single decision I make is like a betrayal of my own morality because I am making a choice despite being uncertain of everything. I can only choose one thing at a time among quadrillion of possibilities. Every single decision I make […]

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Edge of insanity

What is that feeling where it feels like you’re floating in the aether with regards to the extremes of your intellectual capacity? It’s like parallel processing but worse because it’s one step or several further. You feel like you’re doing guesswork except that all your guesses are right. That’s what I feel like when I […]

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I don’t think in terms of belief or disbelief or even non-belief. To do that you need to think. Here I’m going to use a word I haven’t in a long while: synchronization. My Thought (structure) is in sync with Consciousness. And thus mind never emerges for me. And when it does then I’m a […]

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