The way my questions are answered

is unconsciously for the most part. I cannot say anything absolute regarding my mental machinations because I’m always uncertain. But, I am increasingly frequently stumbling upon answers to questions I asked myself at times past like it was always there in plain sight. I am finding that it’s almost always this way. These were the […]

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Where you begin with your metaphysics matters the most. Whatever fragment you begin with will limit you to the sandbox between that fragment and the mechanical endpoint of it, itself being a fragment. If you begin with the source then there are no limitations. No one has done this as far as I know. I […]

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I don’t necessarily inquire.

I observe. To inquire is to take more steps than required to observe. Observation, if you’ve noticed, implicitly demands that you take no positive steps to investigate or analyze. When you inquire, you get lost in the abyss. But, when you observe then you stay within the bounds of Consciousness and a mind doesn’t emerge. […]

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EVERYTHING I say in my blog

Is for purpose of meditation. I’m aiming to induce meditation of the waking-up-meditating kind. It is a sort of communication? I believe that it might be the only communication possible between any two or more persons. Communication doesn’t involve Mechanism. It’s when you’ve seen through the Mechanism and freed yourself that communication happens. I’m still […]

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Have you noticed

how we struggle with our intentions? There is this constant battle going on every time we have to deal with reality which is all of the time. I struggle with intent everyday but the struggle gives way to clarity in rare moments and these moments while they were previously very few and far between are […]

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I will recondition but

It’ll have to be a subtly influenced course of transitions without losing coherence. If I lose coherence then I’ll be subjected to a re-emerging of mind into Consciousness. The absence of a Conscious mind is ideal. It took me long time to achieve this and losing it would bring me back to square one. Mind […]

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