Perfect memory

Not eidetic or photographic but absolutely perfect. Getting there is a lot of work without repetition. I’m in no hurry. There’s no space to rush things when you’re already completely occupied. I intend to be absolutely unoccupied. Perfect memory means never having to exercise it. Thus, there’s no explicit memory whatsoever. Memory is utility. It’s […]

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Communication (part 3)

If a fragment can appear anywhere in a causal chain then does that mean that communication between closed systems is possible? But, that doesn’t make sense for one obvious reason. Causal “chain” implies there’s a link between events that are causally connected. But, then why is there a chain? Sequence is sensible. We make sense […]

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Back to the past

Traveling to the future is possible. By all means do it if you can figure it out because you can indeed figure it out. But, going to the past is not possible for anyone except for those who end knowledge. You have to be an individual. Now, I don’t know if anyone “could” do that. […]

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What do you think a causal chain implies? The fact that if one were to see the whole of it, they’d see what fragment will appear at what point in time. My concept of time is accurate. Time and movement are one and the same. By movement I mean jumping from one fragment to another. […]

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Cooperation is needed to make Mechanism seamless. Perfection doesn’t exist which is why it is achievable. It will be achievable until it isn’t which is never because life never ends. You haven’t made the calculation I have. It took me 14 years. Don’t get in my way unless you need to do it. If you […]

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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness “moves” through space and time. What we perceive is a fixed point. A point is dimensionless. All that’s perceptible is a fixed point. All of Thought is a fixed point. What is a Conscious being? Being? Consciousness is a function. Utilitarian. Movement is Consciousness. What moves? A being? Why is there a fixed point? […]

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A prelude to my next post on numbers

Shakuntala Devi could recite the answers to her calculations sequentially forwards or backwards. What does that tell you about her ability to process numbers? I feel what she meant. This is the first time I communicated with her genius. There are rules in Arithmetic, surely. Everyone knows that these rules make calculating an easier task […]

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I’m precise in my descriptions. I mean what i say because it’s accurate. Any jagged edges you feel in my perspective is deliberately put in place or rather takes place in a calculated manner as it meets reality spontaneously. Take my word as genuine and sincere. What follows next will be pure description. This will […]

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Quantum Mechanics

I have certain intuition about the subject which I can’t pursue yet. I am playing tetris with my memory. It will all unfold as it’s supposed to. Time is not of the essence as I’ve come to find out. I’m aware of every single interaction I have faced. My inaction is an extreme test of […]

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Ignoring or Inspiring people?

I don’t ignore anyone EVER. What I do looks like ignoring but it’s actually an act of patience. I let other people’s psychology reach out to match mine in understanding and wisdom. I am trying to communicate. Once the link or the causal chain is established, you’ll be rewarded with a smorgasbord of sensations and […]

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