If you haven’t

Ended knowledge, you’ll be dogmatic. It’s inevitable. Do my words and reactions show you a pattern you’re familiar with? Do you think you see it happening? Am I hitting all the target points? Do you think you understand me?

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You with your pristine health

And perfect hairdo are telling me I haven’t suffered enough and need to suffer more? Why should I die for someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about my wellbeing? Does having a genius level intellect immediately mean I should be extremely servile to your silly whims? I don’t deserve a life and to be […]

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Despite what it looks like

I’m mesmerized by how nature works. It’s definitely mind-bogglingly interesting to me but of course I always take it seriously. But, I’m only doing this to restore what we once had which is the carefree attitude towards life, innocence and big dreams for the future. I don’t know what I do with knowledge. I’m very […]

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Have you noticed

how we struggle with our intentions? There is this constant battle going on every time we have to deal with reality which is all of the time. I struggle with intent everyday but the struggle gives way to clarity in rare moments and these moments while they were previously very few and far between are […]

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I’m not promoting

any of the death cult ideologies either. They are part of culture too. I want to find out the Quintessence of all things. The quintessential only gives way to the most hardy of intellects. If any smart people are reading my stuff then they’ll see what’s self-imperative given the nature of our existence. Of course, […]

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Solutions to the problems of psyche

Truly all-encompassing solutions to the ultimate problems with varying degrees of complexity and seemingly random nature take time, unfortunately. This makes my behavioral pattern resemble a sphere of jumbled up psychological objects like emotions, inconsistencies and other eccentricities until everything collapses to a point making mind invisible which is to say without interference from Thought. […]

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