Philosophy & Other Stuff

Metaphysics and other unstructured thoughts.


I have the scary feeling that reality warps outside of my awareness. I feel that it changes in ways I can’t comprehend nor be able to tell the difference. So rather than many worlds interpretation I feel causality allows for modification of reality. Indeed it is true, isn’t it? Reality changes right in front of […]

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You will do as you will despite what I reveal. Nothing in the entire existence can change this. Only the acausal can. You cannot control the uncontrollable.

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Meditate (part 3)

This is the difficult part. Don’t move deliberately. Stop at first step. By this I mean do not conceptualize. Reality is perceived. Thus, there is perception. Once the senses perceive, your mind will react. Stop there if you can honestly do so. If not then you will take a few more steps without noticing or […]

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Meditate (part 2)

Let me be more specific. Study your psychology with increasing frequency as it emerges until the steps you need to take to understand it drops in magnitude from several to one and I mean exactly ONE. The more you clarify your Language the lesser steps you will have to take. Practice and I don’t mean […]

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until all the contents of the mind are cleared and not a moment longer. It’s the most taxing thing, psychologically. Be free of culture. I used UG’s videos to guide me in the understanding. But, what’s essential is what can’t be achieved through guidance but without it. That’s what sets you free which is your […]

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Stay safe.

I’m not doing all of this for vain. Let it not be in vain. I will fix everything as long as you’re all safe. There’s a lot left unsaid. I wish I could say it all. But, I have to pick and choose in order to get the best word across. But, they’re all important. […]

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Here’s what it’s like

It’s gonna be a movie reference, so get ready. I remember watching the movie Star Wars Force Awakens. I pirated it. It was ok. I know about all the main characters in star wars from reading the star wars wiki. But, then I watched the movie and I was wondering why Kylo was talking to […]

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I realize

My mistake. Communication is mutually beneficial. What I’ve been doing is one-sided. I will refrain from trying to communicate until I meet another for whom knowledge has ended. No Communication is possible with anyone else at all.

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Good job, humans!

The culture that you depend on is what’s keeping you enslaved and dumbed down. It brings the unique into it’s fold to nullify it for it’s own survival. A true hive mind if there ever was one. Keep patting yourselves on the back.

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