Philosophy & Other Stuff

Metaphysics and other unstructured thoughts.

Negating Language

What is knowledge? Well, explanations surely lie in the realm of knowledge. But, what would a pure description look like? If you negate language entirely then what’s there to be described? So, a pure description if there is such a thing would be the Act of meditation.Meditation would involve description of sorts in the purest […]

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Abstract objects as real objects as per Quine (recently edited and more text added)

Sets or classes and numbers and functions were the abstract objects discussed in this video but here in my blog post I’ll specifically address numbers. Looking at it from a certain perspective it makes sense but this point of view leaves out the role of underlying reality in what deems the actual. Now, I’m sure […]

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Discussion (not much of a discussion) on Free Will and Consciousness

John Karavitis4 weeks agoFree will is denied by pointing out that every particle is forced to “accept” any force applied to it. However, a collection of particles, like a person, take external forces and essentially “perform a calculation” whereby they can then decide to take or not, based on prior experience. We have free will […]

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Complete Knowledge Referring to the post above, I would go one step further and say we’re gonna find a pure description but to do that we need the help of Consciousness. We can make leaps in technology and understanding that doesn’t have to be incremental. Consciousness can appear into the sandbox of Thought at any point […]

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Defying boundaries as opposed to stretching them

Thinking/Thought contrasted against Consciousness is typical to be considered limited in scope and use. But, in actuality they’re both radically different from each other. The former is a movement while the latter is creative. Consider the analogy of Thinking as the space within a circle that’s expanding thus increasing the length of the circumference indefinitely. […]

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What if?

What I wanna know is why are certain things the way they are? What makes them the way they are? Why do we have to accept them as they are? Clearly, because we need a fixed starting point to build something up? But, what is this starting point? What happens between there being nothing and […]

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Unfinished thoughts, no longer unfinished.

I’m not necessarily interested in dialectics nor rhetoric.The former is purely a discussion relegated to exchange of terms,definitions, concepts and ideas whereas the latter discusses the possibilities,being deductive reasoning. I looked up the term “induction”as it is described in two ways:1.) the process or action of bringing about or giving rise to something.[eg. the induction […]

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