You see clarity

Is absolute. So, people will only listen to someone when there is no way to gain advantage over that someone. I believe there are no exceptions. Do you want to end the cycle or be always reaching? I have no interest in playing a numbers game.

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What I realized a while back

Is that there’s absolutely no reason to communicate with anyone. If you try to then you’ll lose the bigger picture. It’s always the case. Otherwise you can try and fail to communicate. This goes against the norm of being a social animal. I’ll explain why sharing Thought isn’t ideal. It’s YOU who should be doing […]

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Anyone who hasn’t

Discovered virtue has to be saved but not directly in sense of taking immediate action but through going to the source of Thought and thus the end of knowing. Then you disseminate. Anyone who has discovered it I have no interest in. Their lives are their own to express as they see fit. This is […]

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But, I

Know that my friends won’t compete. I’m very picky about the company I keep if I have a choice. I just feel such admiration for the few I am privileged to know and get the opportunity to communicate with. You know who you are.

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Still can’t make my mind up about whether or not I should keep everything to myself or share in the hopes of relying on greater numbers given that they’re kindred souls. Either everybody wins or no one does. Lots of people love taking shortcuts for whatever reason. I always focus on the average person. What […]

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Either someone is monopolizing my posts to make me look a certain way or you don’t care. You’re making a grave mistake not hearing what I have to say. Make of it what you will. Good luck! 👍🏾

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Belief (part 2)

When you believe something you’re making a strong assertion, a sort of forceful addition to the neutral state of mind. This can be felt if you’re looking for it. The stronger the assertion the more dogmatic you are. It’s illogical to do so if you appropriate your mind to a certain goal because it takes […]

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