Consciousness (part 2)

On second thought, Consciousness may not be a witness but it originates in a point and deals with matter in a one-sided way. It’s a one-way relationship. Well, that’s actually a confusing way to put it. What I meant was that there are no two sides. I hate the analogy of duality. The reality emerges and settles into a side through a point but there is no other end. Whatever is beyond the point is indescribable. This manifestation in reality is the first cause of Consciousness and thus whatever preceded it is acausal. Precedes is also the wrong way to put it. What’s not part of reality makes no descriptive sense.

What I meant by witness is that it has a tacked on quality which is true. But, now I realize that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a witness. In fact, I made a mistake. What’s invisible cannot witness (which is an act of observing through awareness). But, I guess my confusion arose from the analogy of a passive participant like someone who is paralyzed, thus being an inactive witness to his/her own living situation. This is the sort of relationship I imagined Consciousness having with reality. This is the best a description of such an event can be, itself being limited by it’s ontology. The ontology of any object or Thought has nothing essential to it. All essence is beyond existence and resides in a dimensionlessness or a point.

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