What I realized a while back

Is that there’s absolutely no reason to communicate with anyone. If you try to then you’ll lose the bigger picture. It’s always the case. Otherwise you can try and fail to communicate. This goes against the norm of being a social animal.

I’ll explain why sharing Thought isn’t ideal. It’s YOU who should be doing the becoming and not the damn computer which is what one is to another. All of reality is mechanical. There is no way to share qualia. You are unique. Don’t you see?

I say all of the above in the hope that if we all stick to ourselves then there’s a shot at discovering the essential. Once that is achieved and only then comes the question of movement. This means anyone doing anything else is erroneously operating in existence. If we all somehow did this then there’s hope for the future.

Here’s the kicker: There’s also no need to communicate with yourself. This means that I never analyze.

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