Well, I’ll be damned!

I found a solution to triggers for certain behaviors. The solution is in an abstract form in my mind. I have to realize it. It’s a breakthrough that’s so simple that it eluded me for decades. I have to reverse my condition. I can do it, I believe. But, I cannot be subjected to more brainwashing. Or it will be an uphill battle, a needlessly complicated task.

You may have opposite goal to mine. You may be an extinctionist. But, listen to reason before jumping to conclusions. Listen to it for the same reason you follow other societal rules. Listen for the sake of survival and long term goals. I will convince you that extinction isn’t the answer to pain and suffering. There’s another way out. I have found it. Now, let me actualize. Don’t be so short-sighted that you perceive it as a threat to your dignity. I am doing this with utmost integrity. This isn’t a half-assed attempt. This isn’t more of the same. This possibly isn’t morality. But, it could be. I don’t know yet. I haven’t done a thorough analysis.

I need time to do research. It will take as long as necessary.

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