I never even for a second feel aware of what I do. I do it simply because it’s a need.

You analyze everything I do. Thus, you deal with more evil than I ever do or will do.

All that said I don’t like the tone of certain posts of mine because they convey a sense of detachment which I didn’t intend to express. I just don’t say anything I am not personally convinced of if I can help it and I usually can. I am unfinished but not callous. Don’t take away from my blog a superficial account of intellectual matters. The posts are meant to be taken very seriously in substance at least to the extent where my personal opinion is the subject of concern. If you wash everything away as a matter of mere opinion then at least give it the due diligence of an educated opinion. I have said my piece. Beyond this I have no requests, much less requirements.

I say “educated opinion” in the sense that it’s the informal equivalent of an opinion of a truly educated person in the sense that I don’t have a degree or academic background or even a personally satisfying level of intellectual prowess on all occasions formally considerable.

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