I find absolutely nothing difficult. I don’t think on those terms. The only thing that destroys me everyday is The burden. I don’t know how else to put it. There are equations underlying psychology waiting to be discovered. I’m not sure I’ll get to find them out in time.

I don’t appropriate according to reality. I cried today quite a bit. I remembered a few people I miss a lot and are no longer alive. My burden drives me to the brink of insanity everyday.

You interpret reality in a currency I don’t share in degrees, similarly. I deal with the infinitesimal. You deal with something else I don’t use anymore. I don’t see things the same way you do. I’m not sure if there’s another nobody like me out there but if there is then I hope they get what it’s like. I will not change for anyone. I can feel culture assimilating me already but I have a few solutions to deal with the problem.

Well, fuck it. I miss Jennifer because she was a gentle soul. And I miss the Pakistani boy that got shot in the legs by the military police and bled out and died.

Numbers are faster dealt with when calculated with as few fragments as possible. This is how they break previous records. The newer ones will use lesser still. What I want to do is make them invisible. This can only be done by embodying them. I’m not entirely certain if there’s a currency/unit or a degree to which they can be embodied. If so then there is nothing but mechanically operating fragments, a fundamental unit composing two dimensions. This is the unit for imagination. I believe they will hit this limit someday and find that it can’t get any faster. But, if embodying of numbers can’t be measured by underlying equations and has something that is an expression of life, something organic then I’m not yet aware how much of it is calculable by units. I think it’s dimensionless which means the “event” is something other than calculation. It’s not even instantaneous which I classify as the beginning of a fragment. What would one call something that operates outside of reality but manifests in it as an instance or time unit? This is why Shakuntala could do calculations bigger than anyone else. The expression of unit is the length of fragment or as is usually the case, several of them. And so while no one has beaten the records yet in cases where genius is clearly operating by requirement, other records have been beaten and will be yet again.

My curiosity now lies with whether these fragments can be stretched out or contracted. If so then that’s how time dilation works. I have said everything there is to say about numbers. Think about it. Don’t classify by borrowing from culture what you find similar because if anyone has said it before then you won’t carry out the analysis, individually. Well, I can’t help with this I think. Good luck? 👍🏾

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