I realize what’s happening.

I’m playing the game unwittingly and unwillingly. Every time I type or speak to warn or deter that’s what I’m doing. I enter the causal chain to change the course of happenings. Every time I disseminate knowledge, it’s the same thing all over again. How does one stop the movement? The emergence of mind is automated. Even if it is invisible it’s still operating. The goal is not to merely make it invisible but also to somehow make it such that there are Events to re-channel the path of movement. If you do it Consciously then you’re playing the game. I guess the only way is to be free of the stranglehold of Thought. It’s the only movement. It’s an actual physical movement seamlessly translating to the reactions of reality. To stop it might mean death.

I have started using words like might (yes I know might is more positive than may which means there’s more of a probability) or may because I’m growing more and more uncertain of how to react appropriately to any given fragment. There’s absolute uncertainty embodied by Consciousness as an event which makes every fragment I interact with uncertain with regards to it’s outcome. The difference between these two uncertainties is that one is absolute and active whereas the other is the tacked on passivity of reactionary outcomes as goes with everything mechanical in the universe. Fragments are foreign to life, aren’t they? Isn’t this why everything about Mechanism is unintuitive?

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