Why have none of the problems been resolved yet?

Culture has had all the ideologies for centuries. All the altruism and championing of causes has so far failed to “solve” everything. What’s next? More ideologies to put band-aids on problems that were unsolvable to begin with? There’s only one way out of this and it’s dissolution. People have to change by themselves. Nothing else will work. Everything else is moot. This is a far more difficult task than imaginable. Difficult only because people make it so. Here’s the difference between us: You’ve given up. I haven’t. There’s no future for the people who’ve given up. To create a future worth living in you have to live. Where is love of wisdom? It has been cast aside for gaining control and power over everything. The “good” guys are using the same tool the bad ones are. I am an idealist and I always will be as long as there is choice to allow chance to happen. And when there isn’t then I’d rather be dead.

I’m deadlocked by my own words. There are varying degrees of ways to interpret from any given moment to another moment and nothing I can say or do will make any other kind of sense than what you’ve been conditioned to make out of it. It’s not my fault that you’ve never encountered anyone like me before. It’s not all about analysis of possibilities. I guess we’ve come to the final problem. Do you see a way out? Or is everything to be quantified much less be made quantifiable? What’s quantifiable is reality which is built on perception. Is it all that exists for you? Are you a realist in the sense culture uses that word? Or are you an idealist like me? Have you put idealism on hold until all is resolved? I have never questioned motivations. What I’m questioning is whether that’s all there is to be motivated by? Can you see beyond the analytical?

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