Here’s THE argument to defeat all arguments (recently edited).

Don’t accept anyone’s argument because it’s all selfishly motivated and it’s all about what someone can get out of you. It’s why we talk or try to communicate which is to convince you that we’re right. Don’t even give anyone the chance to manipulate you. All arguments must go. No one gets to override another’s autonomy much less deserves to. All those people telling you that they know how to channel your trust through them or to believe them because they have your best interests at heart and they can “argue” for what’s right are fooling you. It’s bogus. This is my one and only argument. And it must go too.

EDIT: They’ll try to dodge you saying that you’re not focusing on the matter at hand which is to say that you must follow suit and argue or at least focus on the argument being presented. If pushed to reveal their motives they’ll turn to scare tactics and because we’re all reactionary beings, we’ll be forced to fight or flight response. The only way to condition yourself against this is to play their game which means the only option is to not argue. All arguments and arguing is for the retarded. I don’t use the word “retarded” lightly. These psyches aren’t functioning optimally. But, all of this is just a well-placed suggestion. Follow or not. Either way you aren’t doing me any favors and I’m not doing you any.

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