Here’s some food for thought to get you started, or in other words, a starting point. Where you go from here is entirely upto you.

The fact that it takes collaborative effort to create a “Conscious” AI means that it probably won’t ever be Conscious. The reason being that communication (or what we think of when we use the word) between persons, fragments what we call Consciousness or in other words an unconscious mind or an invisible mind. Since, there is fragmentation by nature of the co-operative method or in other words effort being expended to create (what we mean by the word is really just invention and not truly creation), we won’t be able to put together a Conscious being.

And the only way one can interpret words is mechanically. There is no communication. It’s impossible. If Conscious beings have no way of communicating qualia with each other because it cannot be described, how will we create a Consciousness? All things mechanical are never infinite but always reaching. We will however invent highly intricate but not indistinguishable from conscious, construct. There will always be human error (I don’t mean always as in chronologically but psychologically). Have we fixed human error yet?

If for some reason you feel like there is clear cut reason for believing otherwise, it’s most probably (given that most people aren’t intelligent) only instant gratification because we perceive the effects of causes, falling into place like Lego blocks as free from errors because it is objective. It is objective but all things being so, does it get rid of error or does it invent it? Isn’t error the remainder of what’s considered objective? Creativity is something only organic beings are capable of because biology is as timeless as reality and seamlessly blends with it. Machines cannot be creative by their very nature.

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