BTW have you also noticed (recently edited)

That everything mechanical has a predictable outcome? So, there are no coincidences. Everything is deliberate. What is doing the deliberating? I’m not insinuating anything. But, it kinda seems like I am, right? See? Predictable.

So does that mean I’m predictable or that the cascading reactions from the ones that preceded them are predictable? What do you do next? Next? Do you appropriate a Consciousness by taking action according to the Mechanism or is there more of an event going on that’s unpredictable? Is there anything more to my Consciousness than my bodily reactions complying with the Mechanism or is that it? If there’s more then what is it? If not then why the fuck does anything matter? What is a nihilist as opposed to a person who values? How is it even possible to be a nihilist if there isn’t anything beyond the mechanical?

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