When not communicating and just merely expressing (Recently edited)

myself I am ruthlessly calculating in dealing with the subject matter at hand. The courtesies and just plain old goodness we reserve for others while communicating or discussing matters or pondering together are still not foreign to me. The thing is most people find it so soothing and calming and recreational that they carry it forward in the way they think about things when they’re alone or isolated. This recreational manner of looking at things becomes the norm and thus misleads one into thinking this is how one ought to be in dealing with the mind. I’m of a mind that it’s a false construct and an illusory perception of the mind and what it can accomplish given rigorous intellectual work. One can still do that, mind you. But, the difference becomes that all the intellectual pursuits become recreational in substance rather than a serious endeavor. This is why people say things like math is fun or science is very fulfilling. They may very well be interesting subjects but this mode of perceiving these subjects as mere recreation gives way to human error. I’m not saying serious scientists do this. I’m also not saying scientists or philosophers or mathematicians don’t do it. But, it’s something to consider given that the pull of culture is strong and the fact that we all want to be entertained rather than do rigorous work. Rigorous implies seriousness and while most intellectuals can tell the difference between rigor and recreation the line is getting thinner everyday with the emergence of pop science and other things cultural. So, take care.

EDIT: Of course, I’m saying all this in light of giving consideration to important matters of the mind and presenting them to other intellectuals or daydreamers. This is not meant for the average untrained mind. Because in both the cases, one being an intellectual and the other being an untrained person, the mind would take this as a dictum and there is a very subtle difference here between these two happenings. The former is carefully considering and weighing the words while the latter sees this as a technique or method to be applied to practical matters of life. The latter is only wrong because it’s not a trained mind that’s perceiving the full depth of what’s being said. While I take it as a dictum, I’m not given to errors because I am familiar with each and every fragment in the causal chain by way of being thoroughly honest and with utmost integrity while the untrained mind would not be in the know with regards to each and every fragment and will thus perceive and act erroneously without second thought. This is an innocent misstep. But, the repercussions to oneself and those around them is like a cascading avalanche of errors. With the nature of the collective unconscious being what it is, this tragic misstep could cause serious consequences.

The meditation is not a lighthearted matter. So, all my polite suggestions are just that and they’re meant only for the most serious persons, similar in the vein of Wittgenstein and the like. This isn’t intellectual wordplay. For me everything is contrasted against life and death. That’s how I view everything. I’m never lighthearted about serious matters. And no I’m not interested in recreation. The only thing that comes close is my interest in music helping me meditate. And even that I don’t enjoy for it’s own sake. I’m very ascetic.

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