I just realized something.

It never gets easy. I can never settle into and accept shortcuts of psychology. It is what the rest of the world does. I can’t do it because it’s devastating to the wellbeing of others. If I take shortcuts or assert or take a positive step, or in other words “compete” then I’ll destroy the very thing I care about. The Mechanism is hostile to all life. I’m thinking biology is tempered by it but it is also tempered by biology. We have the selfish or co-operative gene. We ought to be thankful we don’t have destructive gene. Life is subjected to Mechanism’s destructive forces but life itself is inherently goodness. If you want to know what happens to cold and calculating beings just look at insects. The more we refine Thought, the more we are becoming reactionary beings. Empathy and Thought don’t work well together. In fact, they don’t work at all. Think about it and better yet feel it out. What does a thought feel like as opposed to empathy?

Beyond this I can’t say anything on the matter. I need to do TONS of research into the sciences and mathematics.


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