Despite what it looks like

I’m mesmerized by how nature works. It’s definitely mind-bogglingly interesting to me but of course I always take it seriously. But, I’m only doing this to restore what we once had which is the carefree attitude towards life, innocence and big dreams for the future. I don’t know what I do with knowledge. I’m very curious about everything and how the universe functions whether on a micro or macro level. I’m trying to make sense of what I actually intend to do. Or in other words, that is the initial motivation which is to acquire clarity. What’s next? What will we create or invent? What is possible? Can we have complete knowledge and yet retain mystery? Can we go back to the innocence and the absent-minded existence of being a baby, psychologically speaking? This is my dream which is to go back to the source and find the only virtue. I will do everything I possibly can to fix the world. We need to dream again and not just solve problems. I don’t know what this will take but I’ll make it happen.

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