What is the purpose

behind making all the best arguments and comebacks? Why do we debate, discuss and think endlessly in order to invent new ideas and concepts or mixing and matching what we know? What purpose does it serve? We are just aware enough to notice that it serves the collective. When have these arguments ever served the individual’s interests? Of course, what the culture considers an individual (so our identity is also constructed by it, yes) picks and chooses from the smorgasbord of options in the culture. But who gets to live and who dies? The person (if you can call yourself that without ending knowledge) dies and the culture continues it’s existence. If this still seems perfectly acceptable to you then ask yourself this: Would you want your children to serve the culture and have their creativity and goodness churned out to serve “The Collective” just to wither away and die in the end? Would you give birth to a child knowing this is what we’re doing? I wouldn’t and I sure as hell won’t. Until there’s freedom from culture, anything and everything we do is never and won’t ever be in our interests. We don’t have any interests. We borrow EVERYTHING from culture. Until knowledge ends there is no individuality or freedom. And if you think this futility of an existence we call life is acceptable then you’re retarded.

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