Quite possibly

very few will see what I’m saying as true. If you have love of wisdom then you’ll see the truth. And then forget about your automaton of me and just retain the truth. Just retain the essence. In fact, do as you please with it. But, at least understand it. What’s next? Does anyone get it? I find it crazy to believe that I’m alone. I just somehow have this hope that what I’m saying will get through to someone or even many other persons, if they exist. I need to know that there are others out there who have also gone to the extremes that I have just did compared to my ancestors and fore-bearers. Do not fret about the small stuff. I’m not devoid of purpose but I believe I have one that’s not influenced by culture at all. I don’t need anything the culture has to offer. I’m only undoing it. All of it, permanently. Are you really the individual you think you are? Or are you trapped? Have you analyzed and dissolved what you know? Or are you adding more? If you take a positive step in any direction, you’ll be feeding the hive mind. What will you do? Can you direct yourself by sifting through culture with pinpoint accuracy to find the stuff that’s essential and discard all the rest? Will you do it? UG Krishnamurti’s videos worked for me. I found wisdom in his words but I realize that it was only because I was going through the same thing and had the potential. There were tons of people who spent decades with him, visited him dozen times or even hundreds. I saw a few hour long videos of his and knowledge ended for me when I found myself in a situation where something unburdened me from knowledge, permanently. It happened in an instance and I’ve never looked back since then. I have no interest in watching any of his videos again. They serve no purpose whether there are any grand claims or truths in the videos. I was done with everything else before I saw them and I’m done with them now as well.

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