Perfect Species

Retarded servants servile to the most extreme degree. What is this demonic thing we’re feeding? It serves no one but itself. Think about it. All ideologies and ideals are insufficient to solve the problems IT has created. I’ll ask again. What the fuck is this retarded, fragmented thing doing? What’s the endgame? Can you see it? Do you want to? Everything you’re doing is strengthening it’s hold on you, maybe permanently. You don’t understand how insidiously stubborn you are. Until knowledge or knowing ends you’ll have no humility. You can’t know humility. It’s the clearing away of knowing. All you’re left with is mind tricks until and unless knowing ends for you. And these tricks are culture’s way of developing and fortifying itself. You are going against your own interests and accepting the death of Everything that you value in order to serve hive mind. None of what you value will be retained. Observe. Where is humility in any of this?

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