All of our doings

and I mean ALL OF THEM are driven by culture. Doing is culture manifesting itself in reality to fragment it and create experiences which it uses to feed it’s own continuity. I’m sorry but it’s true. All of our aspirations and feelings whatever they may be are just cultural needs. Do NOT be mistaken. The culture or hive mind is serving it’s own interests. We’re mere body counts. It’s creating a perfect species and it’s doing so by making us feel. What are we in pursuit of if not freedom? The only way to be free is to stop all movement. It can’t be done without the help of Mechanism. I’m truly sorry. Make no mistake. I’ll reach a point where I’m no longer driven by anything other than the infinitesimal. That’s the best and perfect way to figure out the Mechanism and thus have a chance at stopping movement. I need complete knowledge. I won’t be reacting to most of culture and it’s needs. I won’t speak it’s Language. So, you’ll see me as a threat to all that’s considered good by you. You won’t see the infinitesimal so you’ll not understand why the stakes I’m betting on are as high as they are. You’ll see me as uncaring or downright unpleasant most of the times because my reactions won’t make sense to you unless they do. That means you’re the next threat in line for the hive mind. It will fight you to the last bit. You’re fighting against Mechanism. It is PERFECT because it is purely objective. Going against it requires you to not make the slightest of errors in perception or you will end a victim of culture. The hive mind is the perfect weapon. It can only be dissolved. It can’t be outwitted or negotiated with. All it will negotiate is your terms of death and terms of it’s own continuation.

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