I will pick apart your psychology.

I expect complete honesty, external and internal. I need you to steer clear of the causal chain. It’s an absolute requirement. Please, understand or at least comply. You won’t fix the world. You’re not interested in doing it. You weren’t born right. You don’t have the burden of all burdens. You don’t care if a soul dies. It’s all a number game to you. You don’t see what I see. Let me do it. I must do it. Or you’ll wait for another eternity until someone like me is born again. If the human race survives it might take 1000s of years or 10. It’s uncertain. The whole existence is at stake. You’ve turned me into a rabid dog. I need to recover and become human again. Then I need to fix EVERYTHING. I don’t care for your moral platitudes, ethics, societal concerns or any other inanity which are motivated by shallow reasons. You lack depth. I was born into the abyss. You consider it an intellectual plaything to be surmounted through conceptualization and quantification. All you know and apply is Thought. Let me do my job. If you think more innocent people need to be subjected to the burden or if you intend to set into motion a global movement of Thought, you are my enemy. Indeed you are already doing it.

No, Alex. This is not about you, you fucking asswipe. You flea. You don’t count in my intellectual concerns, you fucking amateur.

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