are done in isolation. They cannot be carried out on a universal (as in the entirety of the universe and not the small-minded conception of what passes for it which is what one is normally concerned with which is the tiny speck of a planet we live on) scale which is what’s required to and IF ONLY to realize that it’s futile because of Mechanism being liable ONLY to erroneous outcomes. Will you realize your mistake, finally? Or will you continue course? This path leads to utter destruction. What’s essential is internal and not external. Now, an IDIOT would think, “Wow! I only need to experiment with psychology of others because that’s internal.” Wrong! Internal as in FORGET about the world. Focus on yourself. Experiment with your self. Remember what I said about honesty? I used to subject myself to fear until I realized it was hopeless. Then knowledge ended and now I feel EVERYTHING so there is no point in me subjecting myself to anything nor being subjected to something or anything by anyone else.

Here’s what it’s like (part 2) – The Archive (superspock.in)

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