What does it do for you

to let go of curiosity when it’s at it’s peak? What is curiosity? It’s the build-up of the potential of emergence. It’s an emotional urge. That it dissolves means it’s mechanical and as with all things mechanical it’s built-in. Yes, we’re born curious. But, there are two types. One is primordial to life and the other is attuned to cultural needs. Both are not the same and they feel different too. One is like creating an artwork and the other is like playing chess. With art the possibilities are not endless as they’re bound to imagination which is not itself boundless. There’s a limit to it just as there is to the number of possible moves in a chess game. But, the difference is you know the rules of chess. Imagination is as of yet not understood in it’s functionality and capacity, entirely. I understand a bit and I have several potentialities to uncover and describe.

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