Let me prove.

Can you understand something? Then it’s objective. You are dealing with objects. The only ones there are. Abstract. We exist in reality, don’t we? Everything material and mechanical is subject to change. We change. The fact that certain things don’t change gives you the illusion that it’s absolute. Because these things are not subjected to macroscopic reality. Instead they’re subjected to microscopic reality or the microcosm. It takes time for Mechanism to act upon. So, instead they’re contained reactions or closed systems. But, they’re not entirely closed which is why time erodes that too. What we perceive is of time. So it’s fragmented. How can it be absolute? Nothing in reality is absolute. If it showed up you wouldn’t know it. It can only be felt through ending of knowledge.

The absolute has never been embodied in the history of human race. If it were then cycle would have ended.


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