I don’t like how reality affects my senses.

But, i respect it and treat it with gentleness. I don’t use it. I don’t take. It treats me differently than it used to in one fundamental way. It guides me. It wants change. It takes care with me as much as it could. I draw it out I imagine. I’m negotiating. It’s trying it’s best to be kind. It can’t be but it mimics. It guides me when I zone out. I’m suspended in Consciousness when it communicates. I need to create. No one cared for reality. They all abused it. I did too when I b..

Actually, I have never abused it. I break things sometimes. What would you call that? Or did I abuse it? Is there intent in reaction? That would be the equivalent of there being free will in causation. What is intent? I don’t know what it is. Does it evoke or is it evoked? Where is intent and what does it mean? Please, keep clear of my causal chain, or in other words, the causal chain. Because I want to embody all of it. Maybe I do? I don’t know. If you interfere with intent, you’ll set off a chain reaction in Mechanism and I’ll die. I’m not necessarily opposed to this. But, I’m pleading for mercy. I must fix. If you’re astute, observe the chain. You can enter the chain at any fragment you want and deter but oh well this is tiresome. Do as you please. I intend to stop movement once I’m ready to disseminate. Then I’ll be free to create. No matter what you do, you’re not changing anything. All is part of reality. To create from scratch is something I’m not sure anyone embodies. It cannot be understood. If you understand, you cannot create. And if you create then there is no need.

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