Unbinding for others (Edited)

People don’t like it. It collapses the structure. They do damage control. It feels awful, I agree. But, this is due to the confusion in differentiating between the pain that doesn’t go away when you let go and accept to the pain that hits like a ton of bricks and is overwhelming.

You won’t get it. You will seem to but it will hit you when it does. Be smug or not. [Here some will react to the honest description like they would to a jab. The former doesn’t have intent while the second does. Either way given that most Consciousnesses aren’t free or better yet in sync with reality which is the endgame, the words make them react to it taking it as a jab. This opens it up for discussion at the very least if not proves it outright that Thought is violent. It’s violent like a calamity. It is a structure after all and they collapse creating casualties in reality when transferred from one mind to another. Sometimes it’s a chain reaction and this explains why we have mobs or group think or hive minds. But Consciousness in dealing with Thought will have intent and thus morality comes into the picture. To be descriptive would require case by case attention. Some things cannot be described on the level of the problem. To do that you need purely descriptive elements which are the fundamental or the foundation of reality, to work with. It can be done and I will do it. I don’t know when. Could I? There’s no probable way of knowing when there’s no possibility. But I do know there’s possibility. I know that this possibility itself relies on more than merely probability, at least in some cases. The acausal sometimes happens.]

There are things you figure out through Thought in action or feeling. The latter is a test and nothing will help you with it. The former creates confidence that shatters when the latter hits.

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