Watch out for one who unnecessarily avoids conflict. I don’t mean conflict initiated but that one finds himself with whilst expressing genuinely. It’s honest. But, if the other/s avoid it then they’re reacting and not intelligent or well-intentioned. This could be out of genuine fear which can be dissolved and is honest if done so immediately. But if it lingers, it will give way to reactionary outcomes. The second case being dishonesty because they don’t want to reveal intent so they argue and rather than resolve the conflict, turn it into a problem. Where there’s conflict out of necessity on both ends or all then there’s methodical resolution of it through active and intuitively acquiescent team work. This approach will also resolve minor conflicts that arise in between. Now, where do you find people that intuitively acquiesce? I have never and so I can’t communicate. I’m left with conflicts unresolved.

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