Nullification vs Consciousness vs Evocation

When mind is nullified, Consciousness purely feels. But what evokes feeling? What makes us feel or move or sift through reality (layered and underlying) in one way as opposed to another? Is it a matter of choice? No. Hence, no free will. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Choice is allowed by causation. I’m not sure about the concept of emergence. It resembles an object. Emergence is abstract and not actual.

Correction: I’m sorry? What I meant is that emergence is a null concept or false construct. It can be further reduced to a fragment or purely descriptive element. There are no elementary propositions. Elementary cannot be bound to a proposition. Propositions are made of more stuff than the infinitesimal. When you multiply the infinitesimal it’s no longer elementary. Elementary proposition is also a false construct. Now, I’m sorry. Feels appropriate to say although I’m not satisfied until I attain immaculate understanding. I do not attempt anymore. I unbind. It’s one step before nullification. How does it compare to evocation?

I don’t disagree on the usage of the concept of an elementary proposition. It’s functionally sound but not existentially so.

I don’t settle into or appropriate to reality. That’s a +ve step. I rather nullify or even negate or unbind. So, to be honest is to feel your way out of what you consider reality which is just another word for culture. It is the barrier between what’s yet to be achieved and what is real. Reality is a set of mechanical occurrences but what’s ideal is yet to be achieved. If the ideal is a pipe dream then what is the point of being real? This appropriation continues the cycle indefinitely with incremental steps taking the stead of breakthroughs. Breakthroughs are made real and not merely a balancing out of minor inconsistencies or contained reactions.

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