Do not quantify.

Feel. There should be no emergence between Consciousness and feeling. Feel and make sense like you can with temperature. Do you quantify that in order to understand? Ever? Consciousness feels and understands. Where is fragmentation here? I’m feeling that understanding is a sensation too. It’s not a reaction of the mind. It’s often confused [(I’m not satisfied with this word) right here is the potential I mentioned later. The potential of emergence or fragmentation] for the ability to calculate or quantify. I either feel or react. I’m assuming I must be reacting at times. I am not sure. I can never know this. Do you see? If I know then I’m surely reacting. I’m reaching a point where I won’t be knowing any longer. I need to purely feel. There’s nothingness and there’s feeling. This nothingness feels like something too. That is the way Thought structure feels without reaction occurring in it. The potential of emergence can be felt. It’s always there until the Thought structure is not.

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