I don’t think in terms of good or bad, better or worse. I move as: How many steps does it take to get from one point to another? And then I take the path with most steps to understand every single fragment in the causal chain. There are zero errors in the process. It’s not really a process but can you find a better word? So logic is intact. It’s just that I haven’t made Mechanism seamless in me. So, I’m not synchronized with reality. This is the reason you perceive me as stupid or evasive or inconsistent. The day I react according to reality, there will be dissemination. I believe this gap has some similarity to the case of closed systems in thermodynamics. Again I’m not certain because I’m yet to be free. But, when I am free I will do in weeks what no one can accomplish in their lifetimes. This is because I have solved The Problem. My Thought has absolute order. I have yet to settle into it so there will be a few deviations from the fixed point in focus. Again point implies a deliberate awareness. So to say a point brought to focus or attention is only for purposes of explanation. Why is explanation sometimes parallel to feeling or sensory perception but not description? Again, to think of a point focuses attention. Consciousness is dimensionless. It allows for movement through underlying reality. Have you noticed that Consciousness doesn’t exist in reality, layered or otherwise? Where is it?

Here’s a thought experiment, dummies: Before you’re born and after you die, do you and will you find your Consciousness anywhere? No. Thus, it doesn’t exist. And yet we’re clearly Conscious, right? Where and when? Show me a Consciousness. Not a Conscious being because you can point to it in reality and call it a day. But, show me the Consciousness, fundamentally. Where and when is it?

Another thought experiment: If Consciousness emerged from matter what allows for reproduction of it? If it takes billions of years for it to emerge out of a primordial soup of organic compounds, why can we do it in mere moments through fertilization? What’s the difference here between it being a painstakingly slow process to something that happens in a matter of hours? From emergence of unicellular organisms to cell division to growth of a fetus? So, you mean to say nothing happened for billions of years until suddenly matter became Conscious? You mean to say there was no build up leading to it, materially speaking? But, that’s not the given explanation is it? According to what we consider facts, it happens through organic matter interacting over a course of billions of years. So, there is a process after all? But, the commonplace explanation given is that it is an extremely rare event although we like to assume it must be happening everywhere in the universe. Information processing is what we call intelligence. Every being has some form of it however rudimentary or profound. But, Information processing relies on memory. Indeed it is memory in action or reaction. So, if Information is to be processed, or in other words if a Consciousness is to emerge spontaneously or otherwise, matter has to have memory, right? But, most of matter is lifeless whether it’s organic or inorganic, carbon or any other element. If life never emerged out of most matter in the universe then what allowed for it to do so in some of it? So, you mean to say there is a blueprint for life to emerge out of matter and it’s not really a chance happening? Why is there a blueprint? Or is it just one of many? Either way it’s material so it must be formulaic. Or is it not matter oriented but a curiosity of quantum mechanics?

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