I solved it.

A couple nights ago, I found the solution for The Problem. It’s in my being. I need to realize it. I forgot how I got there. This is the case with everything I do. I don’t remember a darn thing. Memory is only perfect when you aren’t aware of how or when it operates. That said, I’ll go one step further. I’m not sure. Tell me how it could ever be possible to remember everything? You won’t have time to express the sequence because you’ll be busy making new memories since you’re being subjected to reality every moment of your life for the rest of your life. You can never completely recall the past in it’s entirety or you’ll forget to memorize the present. And your awareness limits your extent of memory. You will always know more than you can remember. So what is perfect memory? The one you never exercise. Never ever! No power or tech could help with this. Not even an inorganic substrate with quintillion exabyte capacity. It’s impossible and inconceivable even in the abstract. You are more than your reality.

Isn’t this queer?

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