until all the contents of the mind are cleared and not a moment longer. It’s the most taxing thing, psychologically. Be free of culture. I used UG’s videos to guide me in the understanding. But, what’s essential is what can’t be achieved through guidance but without it. That’s what sets you free which is your own will. There’s so much I can say but the specifics matter. Every person is unique by nature. Everyone has a unique psychology. I can only deal on a case by case basis. I can and will never address a group of people. I’m only interested in individuals. It’s never a one-sided exchange. When you communicate you grow and allow for growth in the other. I understand how change happens and it requires absolute dedication. Everything I do, weighs on my conscience. But, it’s getting easier. I barely feel the need to defer to my conscience, consciously. It is all automatic and self-evident. What weighs on me now is the remnant of culture in me. I’m introduced and reintroduced to culture everyday. I’m sifting through it everyday. I try to filter it and find the essential and in turn it modifies my mind. The modification of mind is synonymous with grasping of the essential. I am aiming to stop struggling in the slightest. Anything one does is a struggle and taxing to the Consciousness. A mind only emerges when subjected to culture. Once you observe and see something, whatever it may be, a concept or the actual, the struggle ceases and there’s unbinding of the mind. Look at mind as the mechanical and look at Consciousness as the embodiment of the feeling. Mind measures whereas Consciousness moves.

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