Meditate (part 2)

Let me be more specific. Study your psychology with increasing frequency as it emerges until the steps you need to take to understand it drops in magnitude from several to one and I mean exactly ONE. The more you clarify your Language the lesser steps you will have to take. Practice and I don’t mean practice in the sense that one should do repetitions. Practice your will or rather exercise your will, internally. We have all grown up to be used to exercising it externally as in physically. The psychological is also physical but the difference being that while the will externalized does modifications to the environment around you, the exercising of it internally, modifies your psyche. Don’t refer to culture when conceptualizing. Instead observe what it is that takes place in your mind when you feel. Don’t be quick to get into the quantifying of feeling but rather just feel. When you purely feel, it brings you closer to clarity of the mind. I did this countless times and still continue to do so in my meditating. I am always meditating because I have yet to be free. My Consciousness is free to sift through culture but I am not yet free of the burden. My burden will go when there is no need for it to be. It will mechanically dissipate as I fix. So, yes I still meditate. As long as there is the collective unconscious I will meditate. I am not free of the burden until then. Indeed it IS the burden itself actualized. “Collective” being the keyword, it’s what we share in common. Thus, it’s mechanical. Only the mechanical repeats. The acausal doesn’t repeat. The conceptual isn’t even applicable to it. It’s beyond the abstract. I never can describe it because it’s indescribable. That’s why there is no guidance possible. Notice how all I have said only reflects the mechanical happenings of the mind. You are the only arbiter of your will and the acausal when it happens will happen to you and you alone can make sense of it. It’s not any of the descriptions of the mystical available in numerous ancient texts of any of the mythologies.

Correction: It won’t mechanically dissipate. It will be completely absent once everything is fixed. And until everything is fixed it’s there in it’s entirety. Because none of us are free to be free until everyone is free. Ask yourself. Do you feel safe in this world? Can you just go out into the world without any possessions or any necessities and find what you need wherever you go with ease and without the harshness of being subjected to dealing with the ones in power or finding that you cannot survive without the basic necessities because it’s not given? Is this a community? We have pockets of what we call “community” but there are no closed systems. What affects the world inevitably affects these little pockets of existence as well. There is no community until we all unite (I’m not talking about hive minds because that is again subject to the survival mechanism or just Mechanism, in general) but absolute freedom.

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