Here’s what it’s like

It’s gonna be a movie reference, so get ready.

I remember watching the movie Star Wars Force Awakens. I pirated it. It was ok. I know about all the main characters in star wars from reading the star wars wiki. But, then I watched the movie and I was wondering why Kylo was talking to Darth Vader seeking inspiration. I didn’t see the rest of the movies. I knew he was Han’s and Leia’s son. But, then I saw a youtube video of the ending of ROTS. Sidious called Kylo a Skywalker. That’s when I realized that Anakin was Kylo’s grandfather. They were related. I didn’t make the connection.

Think about it. I knew Leia was his mother. And I didn’t make the connection that he was Vader’s grandson until Sidious called him Skywalker. This is what it’s like for knowledge to end. Analyze this.

I’ll be waiting patiently for the day whenceforth I couldn’t make the connection between any two things. If one doesn’t link to two then there’s no causal chain.

0 is not a number. It’s acausal. Only 1 can be zero. All else is part of the causal chain.

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