Language (Edited)

What are the sounds of a language? What is it supposed to sound like? How does sound feel? Or rather what does sound make one feel? What is feeling it? What makes sound? What is sound? Why do we communicate through sound or vibrations? What do we communicate? Can one think without sound? Can’t you hear your own words whispered inside every time you think? Why is that? What is the nature of this? When we intuit, sense, feel or think nature, are we not trying to describe? “Trying” is what exactly? What does trying feel like? What are we actually doing when we try? Doing? Actually? What do these words point to in reality? Work is done. What is work and what is being done? What is being? And how is it accomplished simultaneously with doing? Accomplish? Simultaneously? Every noun has a finality to it. What is this finality that’s sensible? How is sensibility different from thinking? Different? Differ? What is differing? Why are these questions so naturally occurring? What is the language of mind? It’s not the one we speak. Our brains adapt to and settle into spoken, written, read and comprehensible form of language but if we were to have a perfect one, how would it sound? Being, language, sound or Thought; what’s common here? Where here? Here is where exactly?

What are the mathematical equations that link together or work separately in the instances of Thought and sensation? Maybe even encapsulate them? What are the mechanics that allow for the dynamics of the mind? And what are the mechanics of these dynamics? Mechanical implies passivity or a blueprint. Dynamics imply occurrences causally linked. What occurs if not an Event? Is there another kind of occurring? I said once that Consciousness is the only event. If all occurrences are events then are they all happenings of Consciousness? It’s a valid question but to answer it would invent a false equivalence. To invent, think, imply, or even to be more direct by way of assertion is erroneous. What allows for error? What is an error? A false prediction obviously. What allows for prediction? What is a prediction? Aren’t errors and predictions ontologically synonymous? They both feel the same and they both deal with uncertainty. Error is allowed through uncertainty whereas prediction originates in certainty but ends in uncertainty although not always. I guess there is a distinction to be made. Prediction is what allows for error but it can be accurate. It’s imperative that it be made absolutely accurate. Isn’t that what we are striving for? Absoluteness in doing? But we perceive in fragments and thus our actions are non existent. Instead we are relegated to reactions which are also perceived in fragments. All happenings are seamlessly blended and thus there is only “a” happening. We describe in fragments but underlying reality exists absolutely. So a perfect language if invented will be in sync with reality and thus equally as seamless or invisible to a mind, in action.

EDIT: Everything i have said follows a sequence or has order. This is necessarily so but not ideally or preferably or even originating ontologically so. What would communication be like if we didn’t have to follow the causal chain? I can very well live without having to express my intellect sequentially. But, you won’t be able to comprehend it because you still have a logical framework of Thought. My structure of thought is sound and is solidly founded. So, I understand what point fits where and it emerges as per the need. My Consciousness is synced to Mechanism and thus free to roam and sift without friction. You are NOT free. I can’t say that I observe or feel or anything else. I don’t know a darn thing about life. I don’t know what I do. I never assert and if I ever do so then correct me. Assertions are disturbances in reality.

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