Numbers Again

The higher the order of calculation the more difficult it is to find patterns. They are far apart and not easy to grasp much less figure out. I will spend a couple of months trying to figure them out. If it is as difficult as I think it is then I’ll spend a year or two. So, 3-4 years for everything else and 1-2 to uncover numerical patterns and the rules of arithmetic. Please, be patient. I need to understand how it works. It’s not as difficult as it seems. It just requires an uncomprehending clarity. This makes very little common sense as in how can clarity of the utmost kind be uncomprehending? But it is. Think about it. Feel and imagine the minutiae of the psyche. All work no play is the name of my game.

EDIT: So, philosophy is useful after all. You need philosophical pondering to figure out the extremes. It’s not a circular process. There are realms as of yet unexplored by the mind. These are of the mind so it’s not unnatural. But, they have an unseemliness to them at first glance. But, that is what it is to get used to the abyss. I never feel the struggle of the intellect. What’s possible is possible regardless of the circumstances and what’s not is never given a second thought, but not in the sense that I’ll never attend. It’s just that there’s nothing to attend to. So, in such a case one has to wait until something “pops” up for the intellect to grasp. This could take weeks or even years. This is patience. In dealing with the matters of the mind you learn. I still stand by what I said in a previous post. I have 117 of them now. I think this one is 117. I don’t want to go back so I’ll let you find and link the relevance of it to this one.

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