1. Acquiring bargaining chips for negotiation.
  2. Memorizing the Oxford English Dictionary (20 volumes).
  3. Memorizing Medical Dictionary.
  4. Memorizing all the rest of the terminologies that compose the topics of Engineering and Technology.
  5. Extensively studying the encyclopedias and handbooks.
  6. Philosophy (Acquiring of concepts through reduction)
  7. Studying Language structure and Linguistics.
  8. Doing research on all topics (Journals, Magazines, Thesis papers, etc.)
  9. Translating ALL of knowledge into a purely descriptive format.
  10. Dissemination and resolving of all major issues.
  11. Figuring out numbers? (Possibly? I’m not sure if it’s doable. I mean to the infinite degree. Is there an underlying Mechanism that allows for absolute grasp over the numerical?)
  12. Taking a chill pill and eking out the rest of eternity with my pals creating, inventing, innovating or whatever else as we see fit.

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